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ISO 9001Excellence in gears! Aymaksan Gear, an ISO 9001 certified company, has been established in 1992 and located in Ankara/Turkey. Aymaksan Gear has specialized in custom gear manufacturing of all kinds. If you are looking for economical gear solutions meeting world standards you came to right place! To obtain more information please contact us, visit about us or references pages.

Spur gear manufacturing, herringbone gear manufacturing, internal (hub) gear manufacturing, rack manufacturing, sprocket manufacturing, worm gear manufacturing, straight bevel gear manufacturing, spiral bevel gear manufacturing, gearbox manufacturing etc. Please visit products page for full list or summary pages for each product (accessible from both below and products page).

Headind  Products (Please see the products page for full list)

Spur Gear 3D Model Helical Gear 3D Model Herringbone Gear 3D Model Internal (Hub) Gear 3D Model Rack 3D Model
Sprocket 3D Model Worm Gear 3D Model Straight Bevel Gear 3D Model Spiral Bevel Gear 3D Model Gear Coupling 3D Model
Gear Couplings
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Shafts 3D Model Gearbox 3D Model Various Products