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Heading Worm Gears: Product Details

Worm Gear Set 3D Model

Please inspect the table below for manufacturing range of racks. For more information or questions please contact us.

If you are designing gears from scratch you can consult us. We would be happy to help you!


Worm Gear Manufacturing Specification

Module 0.5 - 16 mm (or equivalent DP)
Diameter max. 1500 mm (Gear)

Carbon Steels or Alloy Steels

Cast Iron or Cast Steel

Aluminum Alloys
Copper Alloys

Plastics (Polyamid, Delrin etc.)

* It is possible to utilize different pressure angles but 20° is most efficient for general usage. Please consult us on the matter if you are not sure about the choice.

** Materials are certificated and tested against internal and surface cracks where applicable (see Quality Policy).







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