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Heading About Our Products

ISO 9001Aymaksan Gear has all the necessary means to manufacture all kinds of gears. For more information about manufacturing capacity & range please see product details pages. For further information or questions please contact us.

Aymaksan Gear always follows standards by ISO, ANSI, DIN and TSE, and holds ISO 9001 certificate (see Quality Policy). Please note that:

  • Materials used in our products are certificated (chemical and microstructure report) and ultrasonicly tested to guarantee nondefective structure.
  • Magnetic crack detection test is applied after heat treatment to ensure no cracks are introduced during the process.


Heading Products and Product Details Links

Spur Gear 3D ModelHelical Gear 3d ModelHerringbone Gear 3D Model
Internal (Hub) Gear 3D Model
Internal Ring Gear 3D ModelRing Gear 3D ModelPlanetary (Epicyclic) Gear 3D Model
Rack 3D Model     Helical Rack 3D Model
Sprocket 3D Model
Worm Gear 3D Model
Straight Bevel Gear 3D Model
Spiral Bevel Gear 3D Model
Gear Coupling 3D Model
Internal Spline 3D Model   Shaft With Keyways 3D Model   Shaft With Spline 3D Model
  • Gearboxes
    (Single Stage Reduction, Double Stage Reduction)
Single Reduction Gearbox 3D ModelDouble Reduction Gearbox 3D Model